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It's that time he took to figure himself out and move past the divorce and the hurt (she cheated on him, and was an all around unpleasant human being), that let him become the wonderful man I'm about to marry.But looking back at his forum postings and journals and whatnot from immediately after the divorce and in the months that followed, I hardly recognize him.

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She knows his family members and of course, they will protect him by not telling her (my sister) the truth since "blood is thicker than water". Any thoughts as to what goes on in a divorced guy's mind? No one knows the specifics of a divorce, except the divorcing wife and husband.We've talked about his divorce and dating in the wake of it, and this is literally exactly what he's said happened to him.He ended up making a conscious decision to stop dating and figure things out, which led him to a few more who weren't quite right, then to me.Common sense says that this guy is NOT ready to date, not yet.Continuing to date, just dating less doesn't make much sense to me because I don't think it addresses the issue.Most likely what a guy did to his ex-wife, he will do to his new girlfriend or future wife, if he remarries.


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