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The profundity and biblical symmetry of a 40 year period given for Jews to convert before destroying the temple is hard to ignore - for me anyway.New evidence supports the authenticity of Christianity’s most hallowed and resilient archaeological site.A lot of folks here have problems with the fact that Jesus celebrated the Seder a day early.Also, please use the menus on the site to find the academic resources. However, this calculation, ending in 40 AD, assumes each year consists of days.The alleged site of His tomb has been revered by His followers for seventeen centuries precisely because the Man who first occupied it left it empty.And no one—not the Sanhedrin who plotted against Him or the Romans who crucified Him—could produce the only thing it would have taken to strangle Christianity in its cradle: a body.You see, the empty tomb of history—whether or not it’s the limestone slab inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher—remains as stubbornly undeniable as the risen Lord who left it behind.Dating Jesus’ Tomb: The Holy Sepulcher and Our Historical Faith“He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said.

In this lovingly told tale, Susan Campbell takes us into the world of Christian fundamentalism a world where details really, really matter. This is troublesome, because I am trying to do the right thing--and, incidentally, avoid hellfire. I know that in order to spend eternity in heaven with Jesus, I must be immersed completely in the water, be it in a baptismal font, like this overly large bathtub-type model at the front of my church, or in the swimming pool at Green Valley Bible Camp, where I go every summer, or in a river, or anywhere where the water will cover me completely.It gave every appearance of being the remnants of an upper-class, first-century Jewish tomb.Other tombs in the vicinity supported this theory, but researchers still could not reliably date this one to within the time of Jesus.And we know the tomb itself could not have been in use for a couple of centuries prior to that. Because of what historians tell us was sitting on that Jewish cemetery for more than 200 years: a temple to the goddess Venus, constructed by Emperor Hadrian around 130 A. As Eric Metaxas told you last year, the placement of this temple was no accident.Some sources even say Hadrian built a statue of Venus on top of nearby Golgotha, where Jesus was crucified.Nothing deep, just polite quiet talk-In a relationship with Jesus-When you talk with Him it will be about soul-deep issues of life, death andsalvation-On a date-Nothing is expected of you and you expect nothing in return-In a relationship with Jesus-Everything is expected of you.-You must make the commitment to Him and to Him alone,(Psalm 81:9; There shall be no foreign god among you and youshall not worship any foreign god)-On a date-You are not committed to Him and may even be seeing others-In a relationship with Jesus(Exodus 20:3, You shall have no other god’s before me).-On a date-You may or may not want to see that person again-In a relationship with Jesus(Amos 8:1, “Behold, The days are coming,” Says the Lord God,”That I will send a famine on the land.


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