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Some of the information on the Times Guide will be somewhat vague.For example, the Magic Kingdom Times Guide might say something like “Out of this World Friends” will be in Tomorrowland.On your way out enjoy this video of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Song.OK, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way …What is exactly is a character?SPOILER ALERT – I’ll be using words like costume and mask which may dull the magic a bit for true believers.If you’re in that camp, feel free to move along now.

The Times Guide will list all the characters that are regularly scheduled to be in the park each day, as well as the time and location of their appearance.On a typical day now, you’ll usually find a few dozen different characters in the parks.Do you have a list of the characters I might be able to meet in the parks during my trip?The characters that greet guests in the parks change with some regularity and there is no official Disney-sanctioned list of in-park characters.There are a number of unofficial/amateur/fan websites that track character appearances in the parks. OK, there’s no big list, but can you give me a general idea about which characters are usually available? During most of 20, the following characters made frequent appearances in a guest greeting capacity at Walt Disney World.While a character may be just inches tall when you see him on TV, all the in-park characters are adult human size or larger (sometimes much larger).


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