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He has spent a year traveling through Europe and working as an online business consultant.In his very Jeans are the most popular fashion clothing of all times for men, women and kids."We are the original Facebook generation," says Soapy, 17, a Kolkata boy now based in Delhi."It took off in 2004, just as we started getting our hands on computers." It's also the new status symbol and an attitude signal. Bihar elections provided a shameful result for the BJP the largest party in the world.In 2014 we saw a landslide favoring NDA under Shri Narendra Modi, followed by that a streak of victories in Maharashtra, Haryana, Goa, Lalu Yadav is ebullient especially after the capturing power in the November 2015 Bihar assembly elections. Fractured polity in Bihar with Nitish in BJP camp, colossal BJP after 2014 Lok Sabha There are many types of transitions, and anything that is changing your current situation qualifies.Over 45 per cent drink alcohol five times a month and 14 per cent use tobacco. Private bartenders now mix up drinks and provide finger foods at birthday parties.Yet 70 per cent teens show signs of depression and 48 per cent think about suicide. SMOKE UP: Fruit flavoured tobacco from a pipe dipped in water or wine.

Unknown to the nation at large, teenage seems to have taken on a whole new meaning. Twenty-five out of 100 teenage girls in a big-city school are sexually active, reports the Indian Association of Paediatricians.

"It can make you or break you." He spends 45 minutes a day on Facebook ("My cousin Miko checks it every hour"), has 600 Facebook friends ("Oh, some have 2,000") and has not changed his profile picture for eight months ("So people are not poking me as much as they used to"). "Duh" is a slice of teen sarcasm aimed at people who state the obvious.

Mimi says, everyone, even 11-12 year-olds, has a Facebook account: "They all say they are 18". What it hides is the danger of entering the world of strangers when you are not quite ready for it.

During high school socials, dark corners of the venue are "reserved" by couples beforehand, so that they can go and "do it" in a crowded room, "just for the thrill of it", Mimi explains. And surveys reveal*, it's a generation that spends 10 hours a day on some sort of a media, two hours on social networking sites, 1.6 hours on the phone, four hours 23 minutes a week on computer games.

While 66 per cent carry mobile phones to school, 47 per cent can't live without TV.


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